Tree Resin.

The use of Tree Resins dates back many thousands of years.
In the Western World one of the most famous references comes
from the Bible and the gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the
three kings or wise men, the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and
Myrrh. There is some debate whether the 'Gold' brought was
actually the precious metal or in fact Gold Sandarac Resin as
history reports that these precious tree resins actually had
higher value then Gold and Silver at the time.
Tree resins do pre-date the this by many thousands of years.
There is evidence to suggest that resins have been burnt for
many different purposes for litterally thousands of years being
used widely by the Egyptians, Persians and Assyrians.

Tree resin is still widely used today. Many religions still use
resins in their ceremonies and several types of resin make up
staple ingredients for incense and perfumes as well as being
converted into Essential Oils. They also feature in aromatherapy
as they are believed to have calming and cleansing properties.

Tree Resin
Image © Miguel GR / CC BY 2.0