Scented Pumice Stones.

Pumice stones infused with various essential oils and brightly
coloured make for a fragrant home as well as an attractive one.
Lavender Sleep Stones contain pure lavender essential oil,
famous for its calming properties. Placed by your bedside after
a stressful day, lavender sleep stones will help you fall into a
deep and relaxing sleep. Patchouli and jasmine Dream Stones
also create a restful ambience.

Place lavender Sleep Stones in your bedroom in a basket or
bowl. Give them a shake before going to bed to activate the
aroma. The scent spreads and lingers in the room for the next
few hours, aiding a good night's sleep. Pick the fragrance as
per your needs--chase away cigarette smoke with Ashtray
Stones, place bowls of Wild Strawberry or Rainforest Stones
instead of potpourri in your living room or study.

Pumice stones are volcanic rocks that are solidified, frothy lava. They are porous, very light, and abrasive. These stones are impregnated with essential oils to hold their fragrances for a long time. Fragrances have caught man's attention for thousands of years. The oldest scents came from aromatic plant resins, woods, spices and herbs imported by sea or land from Asia. The European perfume industry started during the Crusades with spices, bath ointments, and essences, and
continues to flourish today.

Sleep Stones