Bath Bombs.

Bath bombs, bath eggs and souffles are fragrant bath additions. Drop
one into your bath and watch it fizz and bubble and add
fragrance (and sometimes flowers or glitter) to your bath.

As bath bombs, eggs and souffles are an end product cosmetic
they require to be certified by a labratory. You can find a
copy of the certification for download HERE.

If you require individual ingredient lists for the products
please click on the relevant link below.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs
Angel Delight Lavender & Seeds Simply Vanilla
Apple Pie & Custard Lemon Eucalyptus Strawberry Pavlova
Baby Powder Melon Sweet Fennel & Jojoba
Banoffee Pie Ocean Tangerine & Grapefruit
Chocolate Orange Oriental Musk Texas Dewberry
Coconut Dream Party Girl Tutti Fruitti
Fig & Cassis Peppermint & Tea Tree Very Berry
Five For Her Raspberry & Blackpepper Yorkshire Violet
Five For Him Retro  
Hawaiian Mango Romance  
Kola Kraze Rose & Petals