Wheat Bags.

Wheat bags contain a mixture of wheat and lavender and
help to relieve aching muscles and joints. Wheat can retain
heat or cold for a long time and releases it slowly and evenly,
making it ideal for such use. Lavender contributes with its
fragrance and relaxing properties. Luxury wheat bags have a
high-quality covering of thick corduroy and are packed in their
own resealable plastic bag.

Wheat bags are a comfortable, safe alternative to hot water
bottles. They have been known to help arthritis, aching joints,
sprains, and menstrual pains. Simply heat the wheat bag in a
microwave on high for about 2 minutes or, alternatively, cool
it in the fridge and use as a cold compress. Warm the hand
grips and take them with you on cold days to keep your
fingers functioning. Squeeze a hand grip cushion to exercise
arthritic or stiff joints. Use the cushion under your aching
back--it takes on the shape of the body and provides perfect

Wheat bags have been used as an alternative therapy for many years. Bed warmers were being used as early as the 16th century. The earliest versions contained hot coals from the dying embers of the fire. These were placed in the bed for some time and removed before getting into it. Then, containers using hot water were also used, this being preferred because they could remain with the
sleeper. Wheat bags, however, take water-containers to the next level of comfort and ease!

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Wheat Bags