Ear Candles.

Ear Candles have become amazingly popular over the last few years with many enthusiasts claiming remarkable physical and spiritual effects from Ear Candling treatment.
That being said it seems that nobody is quite sure where Ear Candles came from  and what their original usage was. Various sources claim they were used in  ancient cultures such as China, India, Syberia and North America. Many (mistakenly) call them Hopi Ear Candles after the Hopi Native American Indian Tribe but the Hopi tribe have announced several times that they do not and have never practiced Ear Candling.

During an ear candling session the subject usually lays down
on one side and a second person gives the treatment by
lighting one end of the candle and putting the other end into
the subject's ear. This can be repeated so one or two candles
are burnt in each ear.

Proponents of ear candles say that the 'treatment' can be a
aid to general health while others say it helps draw wax from
the ear.

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Ear Candling