Hazlenut Oil.

Latin Name : Corylus Avellana, Corylus Americana.
Origin : Spain or Italy.
Extraction Method : Cold Pressed.

The common hazlenut is grown all over the European
and Asian continenets and beyond. It is primarily
grown for the nut but has also been used in Britain
and Europe as hedgrows on farmland for hundreds of
years. Hazlenut usage dates back at least 9000 years
with archaeological evidence of mass hazlenut
processing being found at several places in the
British Isles.

Hazlenut Oil itself is a multi purpose oil. Hazlenut Oil
has long been used in for cooking and is said to be
very good for the digestion. Some also say that the oil,
when eaten, will help to combat various types on
parasites that occupy the stomach and digestive tract.
The oil is also nourishing to the skin with some
astringent properties.

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